Friday, November 4, 2011

ATONRVP Podcast Episode 7 - Clear as Mud

Dealing with grey and black water while overnight RV Parking.

While I'd love to say with is a 'clean' episode, being about poo and stuff I just couldn't put that tag on. 

USI-RV has a grey water recycling system for the RV. You use the grey water to flush your toilet.

Here's an article from RV Boondocking News with an interview from USI-RV's Greg Corwin who developed the system.

Another grey water potty flush system posted on ModMyRV.

A post on Live, Work, Dream about Stealth Grey Water Dumping.

One of my favorite fulltime RV bloggers and his comments on blackwater tank care.

While it's more of a boondocking technique and not a overnight parking thing, here is a way of making a grey water evaporation pond. This design is used at Burning Man.

Grey Water Dumping is a really hot topic on Bob Difley articles. This one got a little heated at times.

Some of the products we mentioned:

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