Friday, December 23, 2011

ATONRVP Podcast Episode 10 - Driveway Camping

  • PRACTICE – Camp in your own driveway for a weekend.
    • Should do this when you 1st buy the RV
    • Quick access to what you need in the house
    • Order what’s missing from ATONRVP aStore or Camping World
    • Practice with hookups
      • How long freshwater white hose do you need?
      • How long extension cords (have the THICK ones)
      • “Cheater Box” or “Cheater Cables”?
      • Surge protector
      • EC30W- a MUST have for driveway camping
    • Practice without hookups
      • How long do your batteries last till they need recharged?
      • How long does your water last?
      • How quickly does your grey tank fill up?
        • How many showers can you take before you need to shed some grey water?
  • Prepare!
    • The size of family or friends property is inversely proportional to how much of a nuisance you’ll be to them and their neighbors.
    • Use Google Maps with satellite view, or Google Earth to see how large the property is
    • Find out local codes or Home Owners Association rules on RV parking. YOUR JOB, not your family or friend!
    • If their property is very small, find a local campground or a place that allows overnight RV parking (use!)
    • Find an overnight RV parking place anyway, JUST IN CASE!
    • Find the closest dumpstation – or be prepared to carry a 'honeytank'.
  • Politesse
    • Ask ahead of time if it’s okay, and before they can answer, let them know you can park many other places; “(Insert suggested question here)
    • Some family or friends may like being hospitable, and be offended that you didn’t want to stay in their home
    • Let them know you have what you need: bed, shower, food.
    • Don't assume you're automatically welcome to whatever utility you need. Ask them for water tank fill. Don't just do it.
    • If the family or friend wants to be hospitable, let them. They may enjoy bring you coffee in the morning, or snacks in the even.
    • Monitor your pets – they are out of their normal routine, and their behavior can be unpredictable
      • Ours damaged a relatives screen porch

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