Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is Overnight Parking

Is it Boondocking or overnight parking? Hardcore boondockers will tell you, "If you can see pavement, you're overnight parking, not boondocking." 

We'll go a bit lighter, and say; If you're staying in one place longer than one night, with no hookups, you're boondocking. You may be overnight parking on your way to a boondocking location. You may be an Express RV'r  (like us) on your way to your next tourist destination. You may be a full-time RV'r who does 'stealth' overnight parking, or rotating between overnight parking locations. Whatever your overnight parking needs are, this is the place for information.

There are plenty of good boondocking sites, but most of the sites dedicated to Overnight RV Parking are dedicated to where to park. We'll show you those, but this site has to do with the other aspects; why, and how. And in some cases, when. We'll get in to strategies, procedures, and technologies. We'll interview first time overnighters and experienced overnighters. We'll learn from those who's been there, and mastered the skill.

And, that's an important point; Overnight RV Parking is a skill. And, like any skill, it takes learning, practice, mistakes, improvements, more practice, and mastery. 

Our main goal is to save you money. Well, to be honest, our main goal is to get this site to the point where we're able to earn money from it, while helping you save money.  

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