Thursday, June 9, 2011


Walmart parking lots are the most popular place for Overnight Parking. Flying J's has a few spots, water, and tank dump stations. Cracker Barrel has spots reserved for RV's and allows overnight parking.

Whenever you park in a commercial spot, make sure to ask if it's "still okay." Also, check for "No Overnight Parking" signs posted in the parking lot. While some business may allow Overnight RV Parking as a general policy, some towns and communities may have ordinances against it. If you see a sign, you're much better off moving along, or risk being wakened in the middle of the night, with a police officer pounding on your door.

If you travel with your dogs, PLEASE pick up after them! Nancy and I got into RV'ing because we didn't want to travel without our dogs. We make a point to clean up after them. RV'ers who don't do this ruin all RV'ers reputation. I've heard it first-hand. Please pick up!

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